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Hi There & Welcome!

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to sharing more with you.

You are in the right place if you're ready to get clear about the direction of your work or life path and find your Soul Purpose.

Getting Clear can be easier that you think.

If you chose to work with me, I can help you:

- Discover the blocks sabotaging your success in life

- Shift the patterns that are keeping you Stuck

- Get Clear on your Life Direction

- Thrive in a career you love

- Wake up every day excited for life

- Learn Tools to Heal Yourself

- Connect with your Intuition & the Quantum Field

- Step into your Personal Power & Soul Purpose

- Start living a Meaningful & Satisfying Life

If you're struggling, don't lose heart. It is possible to get Clear &

find your Soul's Calling.

We all have a divine purpose.

If you are like my clients,

you may be feeling like this?

  • Stuck & confused about the direction of your life?
  • Don't know how to start making changes in your life
  • Feel disatisfied with your current job or career?
  • Feel a general sense of unfulfillment in your life
  • Seem to giving your time and attention to everyone except yourself

Don't Give up. You are so Close!

I know, I've been there

Hi, I am Emma and I know it is possible to breakfree from feeling stuck because I figured it out with the help of a secret ingredient.

I was in my 20's and I was unhappy in my office job. I felt depressed, feeling like my life had no meaning or purpose. It was a confusing & painful time.

Then one day while living in NYC, I stumbled upon a secret to finding my Soul Purpose. - INTUITION .. and it led me to teaching yoga & creating a thriving studio.

10 years ago, however, I experienced a crossroads - marriage breakdown, health crisis and more. I again felt lost and directionless. Again when i followed my Inutition, I was easily guided to study psychotherapy & coaching which helped me to break through old patterns and release past traumas.

This transformation led to a new calling: to work with people off the mat and now I have a thriving THERAPY & COACHING business and a dream life.

I love sharing my unique gifts, being in service to others and supporting clients to discover their life potential and soul purpose.

I can save you so much wasted time & money, and needless frustration & confusion by showing you what you need to do to get Un-Stuck, get Clear on your divine path & live a fulfilling dream life.

Get through 20 years of Therapy in a matter of Sessions

It's not too late to find your Soul Purpose

Can you Relate?

When I met Suzy, she was stuck in all areas of her life. She was not working, felt depressed & very confused about her life direction. She had lost her sense of excitement and passion for life.

She had no idea how she was going to get out of the holding pattern she was in.. or how she was going to find the clarity to move forward in her life

She signed up for Soul Purpose Breakthrough Coaching because she knew she needed something to shift quickly.

Suzy fully committed to the process and gave it her all. She was rewarded as her internal blocks & stuckness shifted quickly . Her depression started to lift and she began to feel clearer about her direction.

Then out of the blue Suzy was offered a once in a lifetime job opportunity. She felt a new found sense of excitement and went with her gut feeling and said YES! And this happened all within the 3 month coaching program.

Suzy is so grateful that she listened to her intuition because she is now the happiest she has every been. She has a fulfilling career with purpose & meaning.... and life with her husband has never been better !

imagine this....

Would you like to experience results like Suzy's?

Breakthrough stubborn blocks &

Live your Dream Life

Get Unstuck & Step into your Power

Get clear on your Life Path & Direction

Breakthrough blocks & move forward in your life

Magnatise people & possibilities to you

Find the Secret to Living your

Dream Life

Unlock the key to your Purpose & Passions

Have the relationship you dream of

I want to invite you to get started with a Soul Purpose Breakthrough Session

This is the next step towards finding your fulfilling life & meeting the new you!


Soul Purpose Breakthrough Session

This is a private, online 1-on-1 Free Coaching Session with me where we discuss where you are now, get clear on what you want to accomplish, and I'll share my professional recommendations about what is sabotaging your success in life, and the best next step for you to take...."

here's what you get in our session ...

Get Clarity

Discover the hidden challenges that are causing your stuckness

What you need

Find out what you need to finally get on track & discover your Soul Purpose

Learn the Secret

Learn the secret ingredient to start enoying your fulfillilng dream life

By the end of the Coaching Call you will be clearer about what is sabotaging your success in life, and the best next step for you to take...

get your sneak peek into...



Here's how it all breaks down:


Get Ready!

Prepare for your Transformation

i. Create the mental & emotional internal space & readiness for change

ii. Set up the physical space to feel supported in this transformation

iii. Allocate time for both active tasks & passive integration


Allow yourself to Dream Big without settling:

Learn the Secret Ingredient

i. Let your Imagination run wild and think up your Dream Life

ii. Connect with your Higher Mind

iii. What excites & energises you?

iv. Go beyond what seems reasonable to your rational mind


Break through Barriers holding you back

i. Find the unconscious pattern that is blocking you from your best life

ii. Break free from your limitations

iii. Surrender stuck beliefs

iv. Give up your old limited identity


Discover your Dharma & true Soul Calling

i. With new clarity, connect with your higher mind & intuition for guidance

ii. Truly own your unique gifts, skills and special talents

iii. Step into your new idenity & align with your highest potential


Walk your Life Path with Purpose & Passion

i. With courage & conviction take the first steps on your higher path

ii. Find your flow state & trust

iii. Take inspired action guided by your intuition and Soul Purpose

iv. Enjoy living your fulfilling Life !

real clients, real results

"I found Emma to be very caring and supportive throughout the journey. I felt her 100% focus and connection in every session, and a real depth of knowledge and skills.

We worked on exactly what I want to focus on and finished with a very clear vision for the future.

Emma is an outstanding coach. I highly recommend her"

~ Suzanne

"From the very first few moments in Emma's healing space I felt extremely calm, safe and completely accepted.

Emma has a very rare combination of skills that are nurturing, intuitive and also potent and powerful. She brings a strong feminine healing force into each session.

I recommend Emma as both a therapist and a coach, because she not only supports tending to the resolution of challenges, she also ensures that the focus is on moving through and forward into a brighter life and purpose"

~ Libby

oh, hey there,

I'm Emma Louise Roger

The founder of Red Tent Yoga in Byron Bay, Australia.

My journey began with a transformative birthing experience that ignited my passion for conscious motherhood. I'm a mother of two, a prenatal yoga teacher of 20 years, a qualified psychotherapist, a superconscious coach, and an Ayurveda practitioner.

Inspired by the concept of the Red Tent, I birthed the idea of Red Tent Yoga in 2009. It has evolved and continues to offer support and empowerment to women.

Today, as a qualified psychotherapist, I offer Perinatal Holistic Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Havening Techniques for Trauma, deepening my commitment to supporting women on their unique life journeys.

frequently asked questions

You've got Q's? We've got A's.

Here is some more information on the Soul Purpose Coaching Program

What is Soul Purpose Coaching?

Soul Purpose Coaching is a 1:1 Three Month Program that is designed especially for you.

The first few sessions are about getting to know you better and hear about where you are at and how you would like your life to be. From here Emma is able to custom create the perfect program for you and your style of learning, healing & integration.

Each session is designed for you to have a breakthrough - shift old stuck emotions, let go of limiting beliefs or release traumatic triggers in your life.

Most clients notice a change in their mood, way of thinking and energy levels within the first session or 2.

What makes this Program different to others?

Recordings of the session and Meditations to keep will be delivered via email after the workshop.

Get Unstuck & find Clarity about your

True Direction, Life Purpose and Passions

Get Un-Stuck & Shift Blocks

Get Clear on your Life Direction

Step into your Power & Soul Purpose